Specializing in off-road capable “adventure” motorcycle rentals in the St. George, UT area. We offer single day or multi day options depending on your needs!

You can reserve online if you know what bikes fits you or give us a call and talk with a route and bike specialist.

Additionally, we want you to truly experience these bikes so we allow you to take our bikes off-road. Get out and explore everything this awesome area has to offer. 

See our exceptional lineup below.

Zion Day Road Loop

BMW 1250 GS

This model has been an icon for decades and it is still continues to be one of the best bikes for adventuring. This bike is bound to take you to the most remote trails and roads along the desert of Southern Utah. Book your bike now and get the adventure started. This bike is our bread and butter. Starting at $250 per day.

BMW 1200 GS

Ready for an adventure? Then book your GS1200 today. This bike is specifically designed to handle aggressive terrain like a dirt bike and ride as smooth as a cruiser down the road. With a 1,170 cc engine and a 6-speed manual transmission, you can handle any trail you decide to conquer. Starting at $250 per day. 

Honda Africa Twin 1000 CF

Smooth as butter you can rely on the comfort of the Africa Twin. Listed at 1,000 cc’s its on the bigger end of adventure bikes, slotting in with the BMW 1250 and 1200. Starting at $225 per day.   

KTM Adventure 790

This KTM is a great mix of on-road comfort with sporty handling, and off-road capability. It is the perfect size to conquer any road without feeling too bulky or big. Starting at $225 per day.

Seamless Process

I rented a bike from Southbound Adventure Rentals two weeks ago. The pickup process was seamless and the customer service was excellent. Thanks Steve for the experience. I would definitely recommend these guys!


Best Part Of My Vacation

I used Southbound Adventure Rentals while I was on vacation in Southern Utah. This ride was the best part of my vacation. I will definitely be using them again next time I’m in town.


Great Experience

I had a few questions about which trails are good in the area and these folks were knowledgeable and willing to help me find a great trail. I had a great experience with Southbound Adventure Rentals.

– Carl

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you Require a security Deposit?

Our insurance requires the rider to pay the first $2,500 in damages if there is significant damage or theft of the vehicle.  We collect a $2,500 deposit when you are picking up your motorcycle. This amount will reduce the available balance on your credit card. Once your motorcycle is returned on time and free of damage, the security deposit will be released.

What is your fuel policy?

All Motorcycles require 91 octane gasoline. If 91 is not available, use the highest octane available at the pump.

All motorcycles are presented with a full tank at the start of your rental and should be returned with a full tank. If your motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, you will incur a refueling charge.

Will there be an Orientation and safety checks when I arrive?

Once you complete your quick rental check-in at our location one of our team members will provide a comprehensive orientation of your rental motorcycle. The orientation will include a thorough damage and safety inspection, as well as detailed instruction on features, engine starting and cutoff procedures, location of braking, turn signals, emergency flashers, stereo operations, saddle bags, cable and disc locking procedures, location and storage of the motorcycle registration, and much more. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to feel 100% comfortable and confident with your motorcycle before you start your journey.

What happens if I get a flat tire? 

In the event of this rare occurrence, your safety comes first. Please ensure your motorcycle is parked safely on the shoulder of the road if you are not able to stop in a more secure area. Then step back away from traffic as much as possible as you call for assistance.

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